Herokins is a line of special companions that will accompany children through the journey of growing up. Herokins is an educational tool for parents that through immersive and interactive storytelling will help them teach, raise and bond with their children (age 3 to 6).
Through a speaker and LED light Herokins interact with children through a variety of interactive adventures we call StoryQuests(tm). Through motion and proximity sensors Herokins will add a layer of fiction to real life situations and bring the story to real life.
Storyquest ™
Using StoryQuests ™, an interactive and, educational adventure Herokins engages parents and children through a narrative on a fun journey while teaching children about themselves and the world around them.

The wearable smart toy connects to a mobile device and lets parents and kids interact with captivating stories which bring magic to everyday situations.
Bring magic to life
Child developmental milestones within the categories of safety, nutrition, social & emotional (and many more!) are transformed into amazing StoryQuests the help children grow.

The adventures of children’s new sidekicks McRed and Dr. Rose turn a boring shopping trip, buckling up or tidying up the bedroom into exciting adventures.
special friend
for children
parent and child
bonding tool
interact and play
with your smartphone
teaches safety
to children
Benefit of playing with herokins
We strongly believe that parents are essential protagonists along the child’s journey of growing up. Our goal is to help cure the disconnect modern technology has brought to modern households. Through a balanced use of technology we’re aiming to increase quality time for parents and children while turning screen time into active play.

Not only does the adapting and iterative story-concept help parents to become better story tellers, it also opens up the gateway to a new, engaging way of teaching kids.
Meet our Herokins!
McRed helps put the hero in Herokins. He’s always there to help out a friend in need and put things right when they go wrong – just not always in that order. McRed has an unfortunate habit of volunteering first and asking questions second, much to his sister Rose’s frustration.

He’s both eternally optimistic and overly naïve. McRed will save the day, but often it’s after he’s put himself (and sometimes his friends) through a tough and embarrassing situation.
Dr. Rose
Dr. Rose puts the rest of the hero in Herokins.

She is also always there to help out a friend in need and put things right when they go wrong – and always in that order.

Rose asks all the questions up front and then forms a plan to help save the day. She is just as optimistic as her brother McRed but in an orderly fashion.
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