About Herokins

Problem: Did you know that 75% of parents start reading to their children before they reach their first birthday? According to many studies, shared reading is a very powerful tool to foster critical thinking and empathy skills. It has been demonstrated that empathetic people are more satisfied with life and develop better relationships. However, effective shared reading is not so simple: it requires parents to actively engage with their children, prompt them when they get stuck, and encourage them to make connections between the narrative and their reallife experiences.

Solution: Herokins has developed a shared-reading mobile app featuring interactive comics that guide and facilitate meaningful discussions that are relevant to the child’s day to day experience. In doing so Herokins provides the necessary tools for children to develop critical and empathy thinking skills to navigate through life.

Product: Herokins is adding to each interactive story a layer called Deep Learning: it consists of a set of targeted research-based questions that support the development of children’s critical thinking and empathy skills. Thanks to Deep Learning children are be able to dig down into the character’s values, beliefs, and motives and connect them to their own real-life experience. Deep Learning is designed to help children articulate complex ideas and set the stage for academic and occupational success.